Running Dog
Sitting so sterling, it's in the name.

Fact: They (mostly) overcame a severe cat allergy out of sheer force of will. Let nature deny them time of day with their favorite animal? They don't think so. Proud cat befriender for over two decades.

Their goal is to connect and form long-term professional relationships with others who care deeply about their pets. Leaving pets with someone who begins as a stranger takes a lot of trust, and they know that if they were to employ someone for their own cat, Kali, they would want to be absolutely certain that she was in safe and gentle hands. They'd like to be able to give the peace of mind that they themselves would like to have in your situation.

Professionally, they bring to the table a storied and multifaceted wealth of service experience from both luxury and standard service industries - as well the experience that comes with being a lifelong companion to a multitude of animals.

Completely LGBTQI+ friendly - they are part of the community themselves (they/them pronouns).

Sterling is their chosen name. Their current legal name is Jensen Coze (so don't worry, the Jensen you see featured on petsitting sites is not an imposter!).

about sterling


what sittings include

  • Arrival & departure texts
    You'll know when they safely arrive, and you'll know after they've locked back up.

  • Daily pet photos
    Enough to put you at ease - you choose the amount you'd like (generally 1-2 a day).

  • As-needed pet care
    Feeding, playing, walking, companionship, litter box changing, medication administration (non-injection), etc.

  • As-wanted pet care
    Petting, cozying up, and unbridled affection
    (unless your pet prefers it's own space, of course - then they'll just admire from afar).

  • Security-minded house sitting
    Packages you'd like them to sign for? Great! Let them know. They will always default to practicing discretion, and will always keep your personal plans and info private.

  • Emergency vet transportation
    They drive (and have a spotless driving record to boot). Through winter, transportation will be carried out via Lyft.

  • Mail / newspaper pickup, etc
    Plus any other small upkeep chores. If you've got something in mind, let them know!

  • Androgynous energy (no, really - read on)
    Pets with specific preferences for men or women have both responded incredibly well to the energy that they bring to the table. It's a born-with-it versatility that benefits everyone.


Available in the following neighborhoods:

Downtown Minneapolis

Greater Minneapolis
Saint Paul

Transit-Connected Twin Cities


certifications & qualifications

  • Driver's License
    The basics. Proves identity and driving ability.

  • Vaccination Record Card
    Includes record of both vaccinations as well as a booster.

  • Global Entry ID
    Far beyond the basics. Provides proof of having passed an extensive background check against criminal, law enforcement, customs, immigration, agriculture, and terrorist indices. Includes biometric fingerprint checks, verification of past and present employment, and a personal interview with a Customs and Border Protection officer (read more here).

  • Red Cross Pet First Aid Certification
    Covers every potential that you never want to think about: Breathing and Cardiac Emergencies, Wounds and Bleeding, Seizures, as well as Preventative Care.

  • Proof of Insurance
    Pays for every potential that you never want to think about. Copies of policy available upon request.

  • 25+ years animal experience
    Their lifelong love for animals has carried them through experiences with three dogs (one large, two tiny), two cats (one cantankerous, one the sassiest thing you've ever seen), and being the childhood assistant to an aunt who (lovingly and ethically) bred Persian cats.

  • 3+ years within high-end service markets
    Relevant? Yes. With a focus on and passion for the tiny details, they strove to create upbuilding and educational personal styling experiences that were both inclusive and inspiring.

  • 6+ years in personal services as a whole
    Their ultimate focus revolved around leaving clients uplifted, excited, and with a new understanding of just how confident they could feel within their own body and wardrobe. Basically, superior service based in empathy and lifelong passion - which translates well to any field.


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